Where you buy your unlocked devices ?

George S. #20091
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Uses in Fizz Mobile have to bring their own phone.
Where you buy your devices ? Do you pay the full price for your devices in Amazon or Samsung or Apple sites ?
The full price of devices is really expensive within $1000 for a good phone. Iphone and Samsung starts from $1100 and up.
So would like to know you do ?


  • DLB
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    I've always paid full price phone for the last 20 years. Paying the full price with my credit card allows me to benefit all the insurance of a world mastercard, as the extendend warranty, or pruchase warranty.
    I use to buy from Google Store (Nexus and Pixel), Apple Store and Costco.ca (iPhones)
    Be carefull with Amazon.ca . Some retailers on Amazon sell INTL version of the phones instead of the North American ones. You may have issues with warranties and band compabilities, as I did with a DTEK 60.
  • Alice M. #6356
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    I bought a iPhone 4 and 6 at full price at Apple store (good for warranty when you have enough cash) but my last one is a iPhone 8plus at half price on « secondcell »
    Refurbished phone won’t last longer but you loose less if you broke it or lose it.
  • Fizzy
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    Fizz now sells mobile phones (there are 39 models, including both new and used).

    For the moment, the phone offers are beta test. Check to see if you are eligible

    If you are eligible, you can see the phone offers here: https://fizz.ca/en/plp

    There is even financing available through PayBright. More info is available here:
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