SIM card doesn't fit in the phone?

None of the sizes of Fizz SIM card fit in my Samsung Galaxy J3 phone. The micro SD is too big, and the nano SD is so small that it's not secure in the phone and isn't recognized. Any idea what I should do?


  • Mike
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    The Samsung Galaxy J3 has a micro-sim therefore you need to adapt the Fizz's, the SIM is pre cutted
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Elizabeth,

    Make sure you are not trying to insert the SIM card in the SD memory slot of the phone.

    I believe Samsung Galaxy J3 phone takes the Nano SIM. Be careful to center the SIM first in the middle of the wider slot (as both SD and SIM are mounted in the same area of the phone).

    For more details, please do a search online for "How to insert SIM card on Samsung Galaxy J3" (use your specific phone model)
  • Fizzy
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    Just be sure you are searching the correct model of your phone as there are about 14 different models and variants of Samsung Galaxy J3.
  • katevalls
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    These are the 3 standard sizes, all phones use one of them 3,so you will need to work this out as there are no other size that exists.... You would be provided with these same 3 sizes if you were with bell, Telus, Rogers,....
    Good luck!
  • Stemerc
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    Thanks to the community and their great solutions!
  • vanigh
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    Hello Elizabeth
    Look closely to the sim card, there is a score line on the sim card to cut it to the size that fits you phone, just bend it on the score line gently and it will break to the required size.
  • SuperFizzeur
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    You need to insert it in sim slot, u currently trying to insert it in microsd slot.
    Have a nice Day
  • Patrick D. 61567
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    Micro SD is for remote hard drive. It is not used to connect to any network, just store more data. What you need to find is where you SIM card slot is located and put the card there. Good luck.
  • MichelP
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    Fizz sim card is precutted in 3 sizes. A micro sim is supposed to fit on your phone.
  • Pascal
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    Don’t take the SIM card entirely! Take only the small part
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