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Partner Networks does Fizz use?

What partner networks does Fizz use? Videotron seems to use Rogers and if Rogers is not available Bell is used. Is this the same for Fizz?


  • Actually had no idea it belonged to Videotron. Good to know!
  • I should have been more specific. Regarding cell service. Both Videotron and Fizz have the same parent company. Videotron has agreements with both Rogers and Bell, at least in Ontario. When you travel out of the Quebec and Ottawa service area you will hop on one of the two networks. Given that Fizz is a separate company, it doesn't mean that they have the same agreements in place as Videotron. So that's what I'm trying to find out. Do they have agreements with both or just one. I hope this brings clarity to my question.
    Thanks everyone!
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    Patrick has the best answer!
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    Hi Matthew,

    You are correct. Fizz partners primarily with Rogers for roaming services in Canada.
    If Rogers isn't available, you should be able to connect to Bell/Telus towers.

    Both Fizz and Videotron are owned by Quebecor Inc corporation.
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