How to reduce Fizz modem power consumption

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I've been with Fizz about a month and very happy with it. The only negative marks in my view is its modem which has weak wifi range, high power consumption and plain ui features. The specs sheet states various power consumption modes are 8w/28w/39w for sleep/typical/max respectively but I've found nowhere in UI programming that allows me to enable sleep mode. I can feel a lot of heat rising out of its top and hope to reduce its power consumption. If any body has a solution please help me out on this. Thanks.
Modem Coda-4680 specs sheets:


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    You can turn it off during the night, it can be an option if you dont need internet during this time.
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    Hello Duc,

    Great to hear you are very happy with Fizz internet.

    Although I am not aware of any way to induce sleep mode on the modem, I can offer these suggestions:
    - Use a smart plug to shut off the modem during the times no one will be using internet (or you can manually close the power bar).
    - By default, both wifi bands are always on. If your wifi consumption is minimal, you can choose to turn off one of the bands (or turn off both if you are well connected by ethernet cable).
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    Hi Duc!
    You can't but you can't use a wi-fi magic outlet.
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