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Why do I keep getting the same Amber Alert?

I have received the same Amber Alert at least 7 times since last night. Why is that?


  • Jambonneau
    Jambonneau Posts: 148
    2 times on my side
  • Just once for me. This system is full of bugs.
  • It seems that some phone brands do not send back the reception confirmation correctly. If the carrier never receives it will keep sending it over and over until the Amber alert is lifted. I mean, I think Fizz has something to do with this tho.
    I've received it over 50 times in the last 24 hours. Yhea it sucks...
  • Kamalgar
    Kamalgar Posts: 1
    It seems I have the same issue. I have an iPhone and the iOS is 13.5.1. Is it possible to have an ETA of when this will be resolved or at least an acknowledgement the issue is under investigation?
  • Veper
    Veper Posts: 23
    I don't think this is a Fizz specific problem. I haven't ported from Fido yet and I've got the Amber Alert twice now.
  • AntonioMar
    AntonioMar Posts: 788
    If the problem is resolved, could you please close the question.
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