I changed address and have internet installation tomorrow, how does it work when I cannot find the c

I’ve been a Fizz customer already, I moved today and the installation for my new address is scheduled tomorrow am.
Now, I cannot find the outlet for the coaxal cable in my apartment, I’ve never had this before, that the system says it’s compatible at my address but no outlet visible - does the technician know what to do in that case? Make a hole in the wall?


  • Sorry I don’t know
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    The technician has a sensor that can detect cables hidden in walls. It doesn’t always work however. I had to have a technician come twice when I had my installation last year. The second time, I had to call the previous owner to ask him for an idea of where the cable used to come in the house. During renovations the cable was cut and drywalled over by moronic contractors. Second Fizz technician was great, but we literally had to cross our fingers as he cut a hole in my wall (with my express permission) to try and find the cable coming into the house. We got lucky as his sensor went off in the hole and he was able to add an extender and get it into my house.
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    Hi Raphaelle, the technicien will be able to find it if you have one in your appartment. If not he will have to do the complete installation for you that being he will install the cable and link it to the post outside of your appartment. Hope this helps!
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    Dont worry,
    If you dont have installed a câble in your appartment, the technician will install one, check your signal and bring you the modem for your conncetion.
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