My Internet is crazy slow since this morning. What is going on?

I usually have a decent 65Mbps speed and since this morning barely go up to 750 kbps
- Reminder people are working from home those days
please help


  • Mike
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    Did you already try to turn off the modem for 5 minutes?
    Can you test with Fizz applications or a computer connected directly to the modem with an ethernet cable?
  • Try to restart your modem
  • I reach out to Fizz support with the Live Chat module (Thanks to Anthony)
    At the end, Fizz was not the root cause (obviously, such a great provider).
    A last-minute configuration of my Router was.
    Thanks, guys for your support here.
  • Stanley M.
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    Great. If this comes back the modem could be the issue and rebooting it could be the solution.
  • sokarina
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    Glad you got thay sorted out. Sometime it's the modem the problem and you need to restard it
  • AntonioMar
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    If the problem is resolved, could you please close the question.
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