Loss of network seemingly at random? (DNS?)

Hello, for the past few days, my entire network (both wired and wireless) would suddenly stop working, especially in the morning. (and again today, hence why I'm here right now)
When it happens, accessing the modem itself ( is painfully slow, with pages taking a long time to load. (Sometimes they don't load at all and I need to refresh the page a few times)
When I run Windows Troubleshooter, it tells me the "Primary DNS" is unavailable. (I've tried changing the DNS to Cloudflare's and Google's, it didn't bring the network back)
Usually, rebooting the modem does the trick. Sometimes it doesn't, though. (I've also tried leaving it unplugged for a bit yesterday, hoping that would fix the issue, it did not)
Is there a reason for that to happen?


  • Mike
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    Did you check the two led with the arrow symbol, to see the status when this happen?
    If the are blinking the problem it is with the coaxial cable signal
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