how much cost for the first payent for internet? Any application cost, opening account cost..somethi

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If I want to switch the internet service with Fizz, is there any administration cost or other activation cost for the first payment? And also, do I need to sign any contract on the plan? Thanks!


  • Mike
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    The price is what you see here, not any other fees (installation included, modem included, no limit)
  • Hello Teri !
    No additionnal cost to your plan, when your data are over (on a mobile plan), it just cuts. You don't get overcharged without notice.
    If you want a VIP installation for home internet, it will cost you a bit more (but it really isn't needed).
    Have a great day !
  • RodriR26
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    There aren’t additional fees, you pay only for your internet plan.
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Teri,

    There is only the plan cost + taxes.
    You have to pay this upfront when you order. But the next payment will be due one month after your installation date.

    Optionally you can pay for VIP installation, but it is not mandatory. If you can unwrap the modem box and attach the coaxial cable yourself, you can go for the free installation.

    There is no admin charge or activation cost for home internet. Also Fizz is prepaid and there is no contract. You can cancel at any time, but if you cancel, make sure to return the modem (its rental is included).

    Also new customers can benefit from the current $35 promo.
    Use a referral code in order to receive $35 until July 7 (after that, it's back to $25).
    you can pick mine :D
  • Sorry I can’t help you I don’t have fizz wifi but I have 3$ discount if you want
  • Sebastien
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    No surprises with Fizz. No contract. Welcome among us
  • Stanley M.
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    Hi Teri, whatever you chose is the fee you'll be paying nothing more. Good practive is to see after a month of 2 if the plan you took fits your need. If not you can change it and it will take effect at your next cycle. Hope this helps!
  • MichelP
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    Good news!
    There's no additional costs than the cost of your monthly plan with Fizz..
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