What's wrong with your internet speed?

I've been with Videotron for the past 6 years with a consistent speed 120/20 day after day very stable. Just move with Fizz 2 days ago and the internet speed is very inconsistent and all over the place. I have very little patience with this type of service. Hopefully this was just a fluke but it doesn't look like it....


  • Nomdefoire
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    Hey Jean,
    Sorry to break it to you but you have to compare apples to apples. What is the price difference between your old and new plans? 20$/month? And probably a few hundreds for videotron installation fees. It's hard to expect getting exactly the same service by paying far less, unfortunately. Most users have a really uneventful experience with Fizz internet. Some other have hiccups. Mine is not perfect either, but I'm happy not having to pay big money for my internet.

    There are a few things you can try to set up your modem to improve your performances(and stability). You will find a few how to's on Fizz website concerning that matter.

    I hope you can find solutions!
  • Sorry can’t help i am not with fizz’s internet
  • Call the support
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    I hope your problem is solved. Can you please choose your best answer.
    Have a good day.
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