North-West Ottawa (Fitzroy, Woodlawn): how is the coverage?

Hi, I just tried to check the coverage of Fizz Internet in my area (Woodlawn, ON), and it claims it is outside of subscription zone, although I'm currently using Videotron LTE Internet here. Is it a glitch or Fizz indeed does not cover my area? Thanks.


  • Mike
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    Are we talking of residential internet or mobile?
    Residential internet is available only in Quebec, since Fizz is using Videotron Coaxial cable
    If we are talking about mobile, there is a different with subscription area and coverage area

    Check this link, and yes for the mobile you are in the coverage but you cannot subscribe in your zone. Probably Fizz is using a partner network in your area
  • Hi Mike, thanks for response. So basically I can have mobile service in my area, but not mobile Internet? What is the difference between LTE Internet service (I currently have with Videotron, they provided me with LTE modem and SIM card), and wireless service offered by Fizz?
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