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Hi guys, I just received today the modem and i connected my iPad and my iPhone but the main issue is that I cannot connect the Android box. After I input the password it says “Couldn’t find FIZZ12345” and I have two options: Try again and View available networks. When I press Try again it says “Configure FIZZ12345 proxy and IP settings ?” Two options: No (recommended) and OK. If i press on NO it gets stuck on Connecting to FIZZ12345 or it says Try again. If i press on OK, then I have Proxy settings None and Manual


  • The box is HK1 and before (i still have Bell internet) I connected the box wireless and with cable to the Bell internet with no issues without configuring anything.
    The box is working connected with cable to FIZZ but not wireless.
    I do not have another router not willing to get another one. Don’t see the point to get another router when FIZZ modem has router. To have more devices and invest money is plain stupid.
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    Is there any Proxy settings in the WiFi menu?
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    Hi !
    Quick follow-up. Problem resolved?
  • IP is is set to DHCP and Proxy to None. Right now it’s start working on WIFI but I have only 30mb and wired I have 60mb. Also the laptop 30mb wireless and wired 60mb. The tablet and phone 60mb
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    Glad it started to work, 30Mb is enough for 1 IPTV, try toggling between 2,4 and 5 GHz see what happens. the reason few of us have our own router is because of the not so reliable Fizz modem/router.
    Have you disconnected Bell internet completely?
  • I did not disconnected Bell yet. I don’t see any option on Fizz to setup to show 2.4 an 5 separate. I can play with them but is not show up on wireless like FIZZ12345-2.4g or FIZZ12345-5g like i have done with Bell. On my wireless shows only FIZZ12345
    Also, 30mb for iptv is not enough
    Does anyone knows how to play with the FIZZ router settings to get more speed wireless? I’m noob
  • Fizzy
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    Go to and logon cusadmin
    Wireless menu >> Basic Settings >> Band Steering >> Disable
    Now you can customize the SSID for both 2.4G and 5G networks.

    Try using your 5G network, it should give you faster wifi speeds.
  • Sorry don’t know what it is the problem
  • Fizzy
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    I hope you were able to get it working.

    Please feel free to select a solution to close this question.

    Good weekend to you!
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