Wifi range?

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Hi everyone,
I would like to know how far the Wifi can reach. I want to share my wifi with my cousin living upstairs. Is it possible for her to access the wifi?


  • Hi Tung,
    Your cousin should have no problem getting wifi upstairs. However, depending on their usage, you might consider at least connecting via the 2.4GHz frequency. But obviously, an ethernet connection would be best. Though you wouldn't ask for wifi range if you could get one :P
    2.4GHz: (+) larger coverage area, better at successfully penetrating solid objects | (-) lower data rate, more susceptible to interference
    5GHz: (+) higher data rate, less susceptible to interference | (-) smaller coverage area, less successful at penetrating solid objects
    Source: https://www.centurylink.com/home/help/internet/wireless/which-frequency-should-you-use.html
    If want to know more about the difference between wifi frequency, here's detailed explanation:
    Hope it helps :)
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    I live in an appartment situated on the 3 floor of an old house. The modem is situated at one end of the appartment but I still get signal all the way on the other side of the appartment, in the parking, 3 stories lower. Depending on the construction of your building, you might have some problems but I reckon the signal can be quite vast.

  • Hello Tung.
    I think it should work fine if she's upstairs to you. I would advise to place your modem in the middle of the appartment to have a best signal everywhere.
    Have a good day !
  • Tung
    Tung Posts: 2
    Thank you everyone for your answers.The walls of my apartment are not too dense so I think the wifi should work.
    Have a great day!
  • No problem with wi-fi range in 5 1/2, and the wi-fi is installed right at the entrance!
  • I think she could
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