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Andreas M.
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If I'm in Canada and I go to the U.S. Can I call out from the U.S to Canada and have unlimited minutes and can use my 2 gig data? I currently have this with Telus.


  • Mike
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    Yes you can
    I have the same plan, you can call (US or Canadian number) when you are in Canada or USA and the data.
    Without problem
    You only need to respect the rule not to use it for more then 3 consecutive billing cycles
  • nicolas M. 22721
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    You can add for $6 60minutes For the USA clicked
  • MichelP
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    If you have the USA/Canada coverage in your plan, you can use it everywhere you are.
    The only restriction is to not exceed 50% of your total utilisation in the partners's zone more than 3 billing cycles.
  • Nomdefoire
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    The way I see the different coverage plans is what ever you select is your new coverage area. So if you select Canada + Usa option it means that you have everything you would have normally but anywhere in Canada + Usa.

    It's a very intersting option if you ask me. Last year I had an american AT&T line with that option and I could do whatever anywhere in Mexico, USA and Canada. I even kept it for a few months when I got back to Canada, as it was not expensive and worked fine. Perfect also when I went for holiday trips to the USA.

    It it pretty expensive for that option with Telus? I would guess that the price would be better with Fizz...

  • SuperFizzeur
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    Hi Andreas! Thanks 4 your magnifico question! :)
    The answer is a big: YEEEEESSSS! :D
    It's been a pleasure to assist you today, if you have furthers questions i'm here to answer!
    Have a great day and don't hesitate to mark my answer as the best. :)
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