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Hello, we would like to open two mobile accounts and one internet account with Fizz. We are presently with videotron and we would like to preserve and transfer our phone numbers. Our contract with them ends in January of 2020. Can you please help us with the opening of our account ? Thank you


  • Albert C.
    Albert C. Posts: 4
    Thanks Mike for the info. I have used your referral number on the SIM card order. Cheers !
  • Mike
    Mike Voici mon code de référence => K61CD <= Here my referral code => K61CD <=Posts: 19,165
    @Albert, the referral code must be used to activate the plan otherwise it will not give you (and me ) the 35$
  • EdmTrance
    EdmTrance Posts: 2,845
    Hi Albert! Thanks for your wonderful question! :)
    In your case i suggest you to contact directly a fizz support rep by clicking the green chat bubble in your account dashboard or by facebook under the name fizz!
    It's been a pleasure to assist you today! Have a great day! :)
    Don't hesitate to mark my answer as the best! :)
  • EdmTrance
    EdmTrance Posts: 2,845
    Hi Albert!
    Your problem got resolved?
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