Why is my previous provider still showing a bill for the next payment cycle?

Javier P. #23582
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I was with videotron until I changed to Fizz before the payment cycle was over. However, videotron is still showing a full bill for the following payment cycle (which starts on the 13th) even if I’m no longer with them. I called and they mentioned something like Fizz having to finish the account transfer or similar (I didn’t get the exact words). Is there a way I can prevent videotron from billing me for the next cycle or how can I fix this?


  • J D. #792
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    to cancel your current Videotron service, you really need to contact Videotron customer service. Fizz doesn't handle the cancellation for you. If you can have Fizz activation date before your Videotron billing cycle date will be best timing. In my case, I kept my current ISP service for one extra month so just in case Fizz internet is not as good as my current ISP then I can switch back easily.
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    Hi Javier,

    Is your question regarding mobile service or home internet?

    For mobile plans, your previous provider plan must be kept active up until the port is complete. Once the port is complete, your old provider account will be closed automatically. In the case of Videotron mobile plans, those are post paid, so even if you are billed in advance for the month, once you have ported out, your plan cost will be prorated and I suspect a final bill adjustment and/or refund would be forthcoming.

    In the case of internet plans, you have to contact Videotron to cancel their service. Suggest to call during business hours as they allow for same day cancellation. If you do not cancel, you are actually able to use both internet services concurrently so in this case, you will be paying for both services until you cancel one.
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