Fizz Internet Wi-Fi and Google Home?

IzGOod Posts: 5
Our family has joined Fizz a few months ago and are quite satisfied so far, except for a few outages and issues with Google Home.
We have a Google Home Max, Google Home, some smart bulbs, and a couple of Google Home Minis. Most of these devices give us intermittent issues where they connect/disconnect from wi-fi constantly. Some of the devices are far from the Fizz modem, others are right beside it, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with distance / signal quality. We're using iOS devices to communicate with the Google Home devices, so that may be a factor too.
Also worth mentioning that we have a total of about 20 devices connected to the Fizz router via wi-fi. Maybe this is too much?
We've tried talking to Google support about it, and so far no luck restarting or resetting the devices to factory default.
One of my options is to try using an old router I have lying around instead of the Fizz one.
Anyone else have experience with Fizz and Google Home, whether good or bad?
Thank you!


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