Why does the router lose the WIFI password after power outage?

After setting up the modem tried to connect to the wifi. I had to introduce the password I set for my wifi network.
After a power outage I noticed that the wifi network was unsecured, so, i was able to connect with no password.
I logged in to the modem and the wifi password was set, but still, the wifi network was unsecure.
The only way to fix this is to reset the modem to its factory settings and set a password for the wifi network.
I think there is an issue with the modem, it should not lose the wifi password after a power outage.
What are your thoughts ?


  • Hi Laszlo!
    I think the router is broken!
    Contact fizz immediately!
    It's been a pleasure to assist you today! Have a great day!
    Don't hesitate to mark my answer as the best answer!
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