Two Internet Lines: One Videotron and One Fizz with a Different source How To?

Hello all,
I am currently working from home and expect to be working from home for a long while. I currently live in a home with my parents. My father is also working from home. His office (in the basement of our house) contains the modem and all the other networking gear required. As this is the only place where it can be set up supposedly. The office requires a direct connection. My office is set up in the third floor of the office and it happens often that the WiFi get’s a bit sketchy. My goal is to get a second cheap Fizz line installed in this office so that I can have a consistent connection for my work (as I often break up in meetings, or get outages as I am working).
From other posts I have seen in the community it seems doable, but I wanted to know if this would be the correct approach. I get a Videotron technician to come over and do a ‘modem relocation’ and move it to my office. Once he installs it and sets up a new co-axial connection, I physically move it to our basement. Once the Fizz technician comes, we set up the connection in my room.
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