Can I get refer bonus to invite a fizz mobile only user to join internet program

My friend already with fizz mobile but not the internet. Can I invite him to join the fizz internet and get referral bonus?


  • I always wondered about the same thing but yeah it seems like it is a no. Or else everybody would be referring each other on everything.
  • FortnitePRO
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    Hi Yong!
    To answer your question, you can't cause your friend have already an account with Fizz!
    It's been a pleasure to assist you today! Have a nice day! :)
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  • Leonard_G
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    @Mike & @Sylvieb : Why? Because it is why we have friends. They give us free stuff! ;-)
  • Sylvieb
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    hello, I hope your problem is solved. can you please choose your best answer.thank you and have a nice day
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