Internet address check?

Hello all,
I am the only one who can't order internet, seems the internet verification address tool isn't working...not doing anything when i enter my address, i know for sure videotron deserves my address but can't order Fizz without going thru this step.


  • EdmTrance
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    Hi, i think Fizz is using Canada Post AddressComplete System to track an address.
    Just go to : , to find the correct typpo for your address!
    Normally it's the Appartment Number+StreetNumber + Street Name + Direction + City + Postal Code
    Example: Appartment number is 10, Street number is 505, Street name is Mongrain, Direction is West, and City Is Montreal.
    10-505, Mongrain St. W, Montreal, X0X 0X0
    or it's could be
    10-505, Mongrain Street W, Montreal, X0X 0X0
    Go to:
    To valid the correct address typpo!
    Have a nice day!
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