What's the quality of the WIFI?

I'm currently looking to get Bell out of my house. I'm moving into a 2-story house with a basement and want to make sure that the Fizz WIFI quality is good. Right now I'm having a hard time with Bell on that topic. Will the WIFI network be correct everywhere in the house or will it require me to buy a more powerful router?


  • MichelP
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    You need to have a more powerfull router, i think.
  • Kayla T.
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    I don’t have any complaints with mine! From my understanding, if you have more than one floor the Internet works best if your router is on the top floor. Mine was pretty slow when I had 30mbps but that’s because I have 3-4 devices constantly connected.
    I recently upgraded to the 60mbps and it’s perfect for my needs!
    I’m also using the standard fizz router and it works great.
  • SorryNeverAgainFIZZ
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    It's depend of the material of the basement: Floor, Wall etc.
    The best option to have the full speed of your internet connection is to buy a internet switch with RJ45 Cables. Not wireless, but i think it's the best option!
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