Not getting Picture txt messages on Wifi?

Why Can I not receive Pictures sent Via Txt Message when On Wifi? I could with my old provider but not with Fizz?


  • Nathan
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    MMS use mobile data. Depending of different providers:
    1) the data used can be free and not counting towards your monthly data usage, and working even if you don't have data included (PM for example)
    2) or you might need to have data included in your plan (with Fizz)

    iMessage uses the Internet (wifi or data plan) to send messages, like Messenger or WhatsApp, but only works with Apple products.

    Finally, with iPhones, you can choose to send you texts messages as normal texts and MMS (green), or as iMessages (blue). You can also choose to deactivate iMessages.

    Hope this clarifies a bit the different possibilities :)
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    If the problem is resolved, could you please close the question.
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