Does Fizz Internet service Vanier?

I am moving from Orleans to Vanier and am currently signed up with Fizz for mobile service. I tried signing up for internet but when I enter my new postal code, I am advised that Fizz does not service the area :(
Does anyone know if Fizz has internet access in South Vanier?


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 19,244
    If you already try it means that it is not available at the moment
  • Qulbut
    Qulbut Posts: 2,035
    If Videotron is available in Vanier Fizz is. They use videotron coaxial cable
  • Good evening Kaitlin
    As the members of Fizz, you explained if Videotron is available in your new region, it is because fizz is not available. Sorry and good move
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