How do I change or remove my name on the caller ID?

I want my name gone from the caller ID and gone from services like which show my real last name to everyone.
I changed my last name on yesterday. How long does it takes for my name to be changed on caller IDs and removed from these "reverse phone number name search" services?
Is it going to change my name on these services?
Is there a phone number I can call to have my caller ID desactivated or changed?
I did not get an answer on my last post and it got automatically closed.


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    Try to contact the support, since my number does not show on that site
  • Chat with us.
    Log into your Fizz account.
    Make your way to the Solution Hub.
    On the help page pertaining to your issue, click on the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner.
    I cant find this in the community hub.
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  • I advise you in chatted with fizz via the chat bubble or via messenger from their Facebook page. They will be able to solve your problem. Good night
  • Phone systems have 2 different type of information available: Caller ID Number (CID) and Caller ID Name (CNAM). The carrier who hosts the destination number (being dialed) has a name associated with the number seen as the calling number. The destination carrier sends the CNAM of the calling number from their database to their subscribers.
    Most carriers in Canada do not have an automated method for updating their CNAM database. If the call display shows an incorrect name, it is likely that the database of the receiving party's (dialed number) carrier is outdated or incorrect.
    So, eventually, these services might update their info, but it can takes days or weeks.
  • Here's the answer from the support:
    " I have received a response from my supervision in regards to the request you had to modify or remove your name from caller ID. We do not have the ability to do so as we do not manage the Caller Name information. Caller Name (CNAM) isn’t transmitted with a phone call. It’s searchable in a database and matched to the telephone number (Caller ID) on the receiving end. Fizz has no direct control over the database used on the receiving end.
    There are numerous such databases in use and removing one’s caller name from one (when possible) won’t necessarily remove it from another. I have searched how to remove your name from OKcaller's list and I found this link which may help you specifically with removing your name on OKcaller: "
    The question is: Did fizz give my full real name to this CNAM database?
    Is it going to ever be updated in the other databases if I changed my name in the profile section of my account?
    Why is there no option to remove caller ID or not have Fizz give your real name to thi CNAM database?
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