How do I check that the billing address associated with my credit card is correct?

Rhys OttawaPosts: 18
note: I'm re-asking this question because someone, somehow closed it before it had been answered. Not sure who or why someone closed it.
I need to verify the credit card address is correct, as the billing address is not my mailing address. I tried re-adding the card to be sure, but then I ended up with two cards listed EXACTLY the same, and it was a crap shoot as to which one to delete (there was no way to tell which on to delete).


  • Nathan
    Nathan Posts: 475
    You can try to make a payment with one of the card and see if it works. If the address is not the good one it will simply not work, and then you'll know which one is the good one. Or maybe you can try adding a different card as a default, then removing both identical cards, and then adding it again with the correct address?
  • Fizzy
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    One of your cards should be the default one.

    When you added it again, did Fizz ask if you wanted this card to be your default one?
    If yes, then delete the other card (non-default) which is your first one.

    If no, then your default card is your old one and you can delete it.
  • Rhys
    Rhys OttawaPosts: 18
    Well the first idea won't do it because I still won't know which one worked. However the second idea of using another card should work.
    Thank you for answering my question and not closing it so I can close it myself. Appreciated.
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