Roaming in DR?

Last time I visited Dominican Republic, I was not able to make work the roaming, is there any carrier that need to be chosen there for the data roaming to work?


  • Mike
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    You should check if your phone is compatible with the frequency there

    Only to be sure, did you enable the data roaming?
  • poker85
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    Exact, it may be your phone that is not compatible because it is likely to work!
  • Like already Mike told you, check if you phone is compatible with the frequency in DR.
    You can use this site as well :
  • Thank you all for the quick answer, I know that my phone works there because last time I used a local SIM card and it worked normally. I was wondering if maybe I had to manually pick a carrier instead of letting the phone do it automatically.
  • MichelP
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    Your better option is maybe to buy a local sim card there.
  • Beter
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    When you come back please select the best answer that workes for you so i can do the same
  • Marisol G.
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    Enjoy your travel :-)
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