If I have two mobile plans, on which one of them I'll receive the referral bonus code?

I have a referral bonus code and I would like to activate 2 mobile plans on my account. Will the bonus be applied to both of them?


  • I just spoke with support about this issue last night. Basically, you can only get 1 referral bonus across both internet and mobile. Here is the response i got from Support.
    "On that note, I kindly inform you that that is the reason why no referral code entry showed up when you subscribed to your 2nd plan even though it's an Internet one.
    I kindly inform you that you can only use a referral code once during the subscription of the very 1st plan on any account.
    You can find out more on this from the link below:
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Have a fine day!"
  • i will advise you to open 2 separate accounts. In this case you will earn referal bonuses in all you 3 accounts!
  • You'll have only one bonus
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