Outside coverage area 3 times a week?

I drive a truck for a living and 3 days a week I am driving outside the main green coverage area. I travel along the 401 to Trenton Ontario from Ottawa with stops in Napanee, Belleville, Kingston, and Brockville. Also on one night a week I drive to Cornwall. All these are in the pink area. Sometimes I may go to Renfrew and Pembroke. All these locations I am only there for roughly an hour or less. So my question is, Will buying a Canada US coverage plan be my best option and will that cover me in those areas. I would likely receive and make calls and use data so I wouldn’t want to lose access to my phone on those days of the week. So does the Canada US plan cover me? I will be in the green coverage area everyday before and after work 7 days a week. So going out of the main coverage area will only take place during work hours.


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    Yes the canada/us plan they will give you the possibility to use the phone is Canada and US without extra cost
    However, you cannot use for more than 50% in 3 consecutive billing cycle in an area different from FIzz (therefore in a partner network Fizz-Ext)

    I have the same plan
  • MichelP
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    If you have a plan with Canada/USA coverage, it will cover all your needs.
    The only restriction is to not use more 50% of your total usage in the Partners's zone (outside of the province of Quebec). It must be used occasionaly.
  • If you where concerned that you would get a better signal or coverage if you changed your coverage plan to Canada/US, the answer is no.   Your phone will connect to Fizz towers first, if impossible, it will connect to the cell tower of Fizz' partner  (Videotron or Rogers for most areas, but could have other partners too).


    When you go to an zone outside your plan (suppose you go to the US and you don't have a US plan or travel ad-on), your phone will still connect to a Fizz partner if it is turned on.

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