Fizz Plan without unlimited minutes ?

I am trying to create a plan without unlimited minutes and no data and no text message. it is showing me 10 dollars per month for quebec coverage. So if I understand correctly, this mean only incoming calls but not outgoing


  • I only have a data plan and it's perfect for me. I don't text (sms) because I'm always using messenger. And the 60min addons for 3$ is fine when client or family have to call.

    Btw, fyi, without SMS you still can receive them for free. So I'm still able to receive my confirmation number from my services like Amazon or Steam, and my client or friends still can leave my a message in sms. I'll just have to call them or leave a message on messenger instead of sms.
    I'm saving a lots of money with Fizz <3

  • You can add money to your wallet at your convenance. Unlimited minutes is +7$ and the 60min addons is 3$. If you talk more than 2 hours per month with your phone than the unlimited minutes option is a better choice.
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