Any Wifi Mesh Recommendations?

Have a couple of wifi dead spots in my house. Anyone have any wifi mesh recommendations and is it easy to setup? Was told that Google Home Mesh works great, anyone using it? Was told that would need to make setting changes on the Fizz router / modem so it can work properly, is this accurate?


  • Google Home Mesh works great! otherwise you can always try to move your router in an elevated area, like top of a shelf
  • I have Google Wifi with 2 pods.  Works really great. 

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    The best is Orbi from Netgear. Works really really great. :)
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    Hi Vasilios,
    I did not spend a lot of money for router, I recycled the old D-Link, my Fizz router is in the basement and my old router on 1st floor, i connected both with cable, you have to configure the 2nd router no DHCP. it works fine for me. If you want don't break your head, I suggest you Google
  • I've installed Google Wifi at home (the generation before Google Nest Wifi).  It is extremely simple to setup and perfect for the basic setup.


    Each access point or pod has 2 ethernet RJ45 jacks.  So you main pod will connect a wire to your modem (to get the internet feed).  The other can be used to feed a switch, or hardwire the other Wifi pods (for greater reliability).


    What I particularly like is that I have the main pod connected to the modem and a switch.  One of my pods uses wifi with the other pods (including the main) and I use the RJ45 jack to have wired connections to other devices. Basically it also serves as a Wifi to Wired bridge.


    The greatest drawback is that I cannot manually add DNS override entries (hostname with IP I choose) and Wifi Home does not give any worthwhile logs.

  • I confirm for the Google pods, performance is much better than the D-link system I used to have.
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    Ubiquiti gear has the most knobs to turn if you like tinkering, otherwise stick with commodity gear such as Google.
  • I'm currently using the TP-Link Deco M5, it comes in a package of 3, but with 2 setup, it already cover the whole 3 floor house with stronge signal everywhere in the house. I have more than 12 devices connected at the same time to the wifi. 2 TV streaming, phone, tablet, PC...all have consistence speed. This 3 pack bundle is about 200$ at amazon, you can buy used for cheaper too. The setup is super easy. Using an app, and just follow the step on the screen. I highly recommend this Mesh router. I believe it's the best value one.
  • Neve tried Google Wifi, but love my Eero setup, never had any issues (after having a few dead spots in our old house), and works great with the Fizz router in bridge-mode.
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