How do you receive the ''Travel Add-On'' badge?

Hi all!
I was wondering how do we receive the ''Travel Add-On'' badge/Unlock reward?
I recently (about more than a month ago) went to the US and B.C - My plan only covers Quebec (calling & data) so I bought a USA 60 min call, 500 Mb data for both Canada and the US but I still haven't unlocked the badge/reward?
Many thanks!


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  • Bozo
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    Effectively most of badges unlock automatically and some don’t, in that case just contact Fizz ;)
  • there should be a bug with this badge as well, so you should contact them and ask to unlock it for you
  • poker85
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    You must ask to the Fizz support to get this badge.
  • sman
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    Hi Kat,
    once again lsabelle gives the good answer
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