Is there a way to record the dtmf tone to my greeting message?

When someone rings the building buzzer at my apartment complex, I answer and dial 9 to let them in. I need to be able to do that even when the phone is off or out of reach. So I would like to record the dtmf of 9 to my greeting message. So when the call goes to answering machine, it unlocks the door


  • Does your apartment/condo allow this automated free entry?  I remember as a kid, my friend lived in an apartment complex and we would push each and every button on the panel. There was always someone who would just press the 9 and we could go in to sell our chocolates :-). Worked until we where asked who let us in :-(

  • Everytime i press the dtmf 9, it stops the recording and doesn't record the sound
  • Never though about doing this
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