Internet self or VIP installation question?

Mark A.
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I want to the internet installed and a bit tech savvy but not for wiring etc. Thing is at the new apartment (old building) I can't find any coaxial cable input/output. Would the technician for self-install take care of that, where to look for the cable, go through other parts of the building if needed? I would think I would have to have the building owner available just in case as well. As far as setting up the modem settings after that, I can probably do it on my own.
Edit; I have asked the owner if there is any but he's not sure (new owner). But the neighbours seem to have said that there is a videotron line running on another floor so I assume fizz would work.


  • Kyle C. #853
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    can confirm, I took self setup. it only applies to the setting on the modem. The technician ran the coaxial cable from the post outside, through my apartment to my living room. he even made sure the modem turned on and i could get on the internet.
    the VIP is just about configuring the router.
  • Fizzy
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    There are basically 2 differences between self-install and VIP installation:


    - VIP installation costs $30+taxes. Technician will unbox modem, connect it, wait for the modem to boot up and to ensure it is properly connected.


    - Self-install is free. The technician will hand over the modem in the box to you

    Here are the instructions given by Fizz:

    If you are comfortable to plug in and connect the modem, then you should be fine with the self installation.



    Everything else is the same. Both self-install and VIP install include:

    - installing coaxial cable from outside line to your home.

    - testing the coaxial line to ensure proper signal strength.

  • JOM
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    I opted for the self installation but the technician gave me the VIP installation and installed the modem himself, the best technician ever!
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