Do you want your personal information used for commercial prospecting or shared with affiliates?

According to Section 14.2.6 of the Service Agreement, it already is, unless you opt out.
14.2. Conditions under which we may collect, use and retain your personal information
6. to engage in commercial or philanthropic prospecting by including your name, address and telephone number in our list of customer names and share such list with our affiliates for the same purpose. You can always request that your personal information be removed from the list by contacting our customer service department;
I contacted Fizz support by chat and they said my question would be escalated. The reply I got by email was to change the profile privacy setting in my account to "Incognito". However, that option is described as "I do not accept gifts and I cannot be added as a contact. I am incognito and cannot be found via search." which is not the same thing at all.
Did you know of this clause in the Service Agreement? Has anyone else tried to be removed from the list, and what response did you get from Fizz?


  • Toe
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    Yes should be removed
  • Every ISP do that
  • Kevin .
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    Many other places do the same and we dont know about it
  • Great find.. please keep us posted if you get to truly opt out.
  • hc0468
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. I'll try emailing [email protected]

    While it is common practice to use personal information this way, it does not mean everyone is doing it, nor does it mean it is acceptable (to me).
  • sman
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    hc0468, thank you for sharing I did not pay attention to my service agreement, I will contact them
  • hc0468
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    You're welcome. The Service Agreement contains a lot of interesting information and it is easy to read.

    The more people contact them, the better chance we have of getting a definitive response.

    I emailed [email protected] but let's see when they respond, given that we hit the weekend.
  • I guess it is our era, Facebook, Whatsapp, name it.
  • hc0468
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    @Jimmy and.. that's a justification?
  • Holly Molly , serious!