Is Modem on Rental or Given? How is support?

I am considering switching to Fizz so I want to know the cost they show, lets say the 60/10 unlimited $50, that includes a modem, so its just $50+tax?
Is it given to you or its on rental that you have to return when you cancel with Fizz?
Are there any hidden fees they sneak in? Rental fees?
If you cancel, do you have to ship back the modem? Do you pay shipping???


  • It's free rental
  • Beter
    Beter Posts: 131
    The modem is rental, but at 0$
    There is no other hidden fees.
    If you cancel you will have to ship the modem back and i guess it will be at your own fees.
    And yea it s 50 plus tax.
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