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Hi, any1 else not able to find their "Edit profile" button? It was supposed to appear somewhere on the comunity region after you clicked yer own name( http://prntscr.com/qv8lm1 ) as per https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-enable-and-disable-community-private-messages as I am not sure if I have pms enabled or disabled and such xD. Currently using Opera, as it is the best browser- fit mi on that one.


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    I'm not sure if it's the same thing but you can log into your Fizz account then go to My profile, scroll down to the Settings section, and click on Privacy.

    You can choose between "The full experience" (By default, other users can search for me, add me as a contact and send me gifts.), "Private membership" (I can receive gifts from everyone. I cannot be searched or added as a contact.), and "Incognito" (I do not accept gifts and I cannot be added as a contact. I am incognito and cannot be found via search.).

    But you're right, I don't see an "Edit profile" option for the community hub profile either.
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    Are you talking about the choice of privacy in your profile?
    Connect you in your Fizz account online.
    Then click: my profile
    Scroll down the page near the end.
    In the settings,
    Click on Privacy:
    If you want be search and add new contacts from others users or give gifts of data, choose: The full experience
    If you want only give data and not be search or be added like contacts by other fizz users: click: Private membership
    Or if you dont want give data or be added like contacts by other users, click: Incognito
    I hope it will answer your question.
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    Can you to be more specified you want community profile, or fizz.ca online account profile?
  • What are you trying to change? It seems like the only change you can make is to your avatar
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    Exactly, the only thing we can change is our avatar. (From what I've got)

    But on the link yolo provides, they're talking about enabling and disabling privates messages in the community hub. I've never seen such function.

    They're like talking about something that does'nt seems to exist.

    It's like step 4-5-6 does'nt exist yet...
    (Or are hidden very well)
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    @Isabelle maybe it's an upcoming thingy :-? since there was that juicy big announcement from them. Thx :D I was hungry when I chose it :D I try to find where in the account I can see the received pms now. or is it just sent as an e-mail?
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    Just an email as far as I know...
  • lsabelle
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    Do you read french? If so, I just saw on the french community that it's been discussed before and indeed, it does not exist.

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    nop, I dont speak french xD
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    I don't know
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