I need two sim cards for one phone number?

I need two sim cards for one phone number to use one for calls by old cellphone and the other sim card for data and google map and gps.


  • Mike
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    one sim card can do everything
    Can you explain what do you really need?
  • lsabelle
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    No, you just need one.
  • Fling
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    My phone does that with one SIM card. You are shure you need a second one ?
    All the phone compatible with Fizz should do both with one SIM card.
  • Takion
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    One sim works per phone one line you cannot have multiple sim using one number
  • Meowth
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    If you really want to use 2 phones, you could use one SIM card just with voice and text message on your first phone and the second SIM card with only data on your second phone. But think about it and calculate if it cost more...
  • Martin
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    Can not do this , 1 sim = 1 cell number
  • No , one number per card
  • Gualberto
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    Just one card
  • MichelP
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    Only one sim card for one plan and your phone.
  • the only reason you would want a 2nd Sim Card is if you want to use a different phone number or data plan (if you have 2 contracts running at the same time and want to use both)
    One frequent use of this is if you go to an area outside of your coverage (say in Europe or un USA), you buy a new sim card with another provider so you get access to the new area and use that sim card during your stay, and switch back to your regular one once you back home.
    While you using your 2nd card, you have a different cell # like other people explained.
  • No. You can get data and voice on a single sim card.
  • Toe
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    Get a fongo number. Forward it to both sim
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