Issues after modem reboot

I unplugged the modem by accident. I replugged, waited 3 minutes and no other light except from the power light is on.
Here is what I have done:
-Validate that the wifi is not availible.
-Try to connect computer directly to modem.
-Reboot again. Wait another 3 minutes.
-Hard reset by holding the button with a pencil for at least 10 seconds. Nothing happened. No lights flashing or anything.
-Changed the coaxial cable to see if it was damaged. Nothing happenned.
-Try hard reset again. Nothing.
I imagine that I didn't lose the connection by unplugging the modem. From what I have read, even if there is no connection, some lights should still be showing. Could it be a problem with my modem and it is damaged?


  • hc0468
    hc0468 Posts: 168
    Just unplugging the modem shouldn't cause such problems. You seem to have tried all the standard advice. Maybe try holding the reset button longer, 30-60 seconds.

    How did it get accidentally unplugged? If someone tripped over it or it fell, maybe something got damaged (for which you would unfortunately be responsible).

    Looks like you've already checked, but just make sure all coax and power connections are snug.

    If nothing helps, then contact Fizz support.
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