Was does my Internet cut every night at 23:59 for about 1 minute?

Strange thing I've noticed if I play an Online game or stream something on YouTube, my Internet cuts for about 1 minute every night at 23:59. What dumb setting I've I activated in my Fizz modem-router to have such a useless feature?


  • poker85
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    Thank GBy :)
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 271
    Your configuration must be the problem
  • Beter
    Beter Posts: 131
    Maybe you have an auto reboot setting
    Can you verify that it s really your internet or the device you re using?
    Do you have a backup that causes the internet to go down?
  • Do a factory reset and see if your problem is resolved.
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 271
    So , did you fix your problem...if not join Fizz with messenger, its fast and easy
  • @Martin
    Well I found the solution to my own problem, but I can't mark my own answer.
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