Its been over 12 hours?

I have been waiting for my service to reconnect for over 12 hours. I've been told my issue has been escalated but I have read in these forums that you have to wait up to 2 hours. . . then some complaints that people are waiting 1.5 to 3 days.
I feel like since my last issue with installation I should have received some sort of discount or rebate or SOMETHING for that stress and now this? The money is out of my account and I've messaged 3 or 4 times to ask what is going on and I get nothing but "thanks for your patience".
This is only my second month. After these experiences fizz has left a FLAT taste in my mouth . I'll never deal with a "no company company" again. Also I have about 10 screenshots of my payment going through, my various chats, and several emails from them saying "thanks for the money. Your service is up and running" but sadly, it's a lie. I've been frozen, and will probably be frozen until Monday. (Its friday)
Can someone lead me to another forum not on this website? I feel like I need some solidarity on what actions I can take when I've paid for a service I'm not receiving. Do I get a day added to my bill? Or a % taken off the next?


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