DHCP range to 254?

Ari M.
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Is there a reason why I can't set my DHCP range all the way to 254 on fizz router? my subnet is, and when i set last ip to 254, i don't get a error message and it says "saved" but when i return to the page, the setting isn't saved. The max i can go to is 253...


  • Pardon my curiosity, but why do you care to assign a device on .254?


    Actually if you have configured it to serve as a DHCP service, then it will decide what IPs it will assign.  Sure, you can Reserve IPs, but do you really need .254? What is wrong with anything lower than 254?

  • GBy_6B8OA
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    take a look on The Status: DOCSIS WAN Screen and gateway ip addres
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    T Y for questions/answers :)
  • nice to know thanks
  • just choose a different IP
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