Why can't I log in on community hub successfully every time?

Apparently I'm logged in now that I can ask this question, but I'm not lucky every time like today. When I click on "login" on community hub, I'm taken to the Fizz home page, where I logged in using my email, and I stay on that home page. So I manually click on "community hub" under "help" menu to come back, and I'm still not logged in. I can repeat this many times, but I just cannot log in.
This depends on the day. Today, I tried a few times, and this time, I'm lucky.


  • Yelena
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    It happens to me too once in a while. Looks like another bug on the website.
    When I'm redirected from the community page to Fizz homepage, I log in there, and then I open the community page again. Then I'm able to log in to the community.
  • K L.
    K L. Posts: 209
    There's some trouble.
    Not very often but it still happen to me sometimes.
    Im waiting a few minutes and all's good :)
  • Thanh S.
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    Please close this
  • Thanh S.
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    Its been bugging +++
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