Anyone else think logging in to is super annoying?

When going to, I find it super annoying that I have to log in each and every time, that I have to do a google captcha and half the time it asks me to select the squares with crosswalks or cars or cows or whatever and then it logs me out again super quickly. And I’ve got to log in again for the community forums. Could Fizz make this a little more user friendly? I get having to log in if you want to make major account changes, but not just to check rewards and be a part of the Fizz community.


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    Yeah, they need much amelioration for the website,

    But I find it is better than before.
  • YES! It is especially annoying that even though I have the "app" I still have to constantly log in. Another thing is that if I try to log into the community without first logging into my account, it doesn't work. It will redirect me to my account, and then when I try going back to the community I'm logged out still. Pressing login will repeat this over and over.
  • Since pretty much everyone is agreeing with me, I will give the best answer award to the first person who makes me LOL with a joke. It’s sudden-death first person wins. Go!
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