Anyone have the email settings needed to setup on my laptop ?

Looking to set up email retrieval on my macbook


  • Mike
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    Fizz does not offers email
    Therefore we cannot help you
    For mac you need to configure Mail following the parameter of your provider
  • If you're looking for an SMTP relay, then you can likely use Videotron's SMTP relay but FIZZ doesn't block any ingress or egress ports so you shouldn't need one.
  • Thanh S.
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    This is not really related to you being with Fizz or not
  • __________
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    There's no email service with Fizz. If you want to configure your email service such as Gmail, or any others like that, make a simple search on Google for the SMTP, POP3 and/or IMAP settings.
  • Sorry Fizz did not bave email service.
  • sman
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    Pay someone to do it
  • As others mentioned, Fizz doesn't provide an email. Which is fine, it does not tie you down to an ISP. Some people may stay with their ISP in order to keep their email.
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