Regular data before upgrade data?

Am i reading this correctly or is the regular data used before the free upgrade data?


  • Alejandra D.
    Alejandra D. Posts: 272 ✭✭
    Shouldnt be that way...
  • Annick M. #1972
    Annick M. #1972 Posts: 328 ✭✭
    Is the upgrade an automatic one or you added it manually?
    If you did it manually maybe the time it took to be applied you already started using your monthly data and now it seems as the upgrade will be used first. It happened to me before but it was with a perk and when people give you data they are place before your monthly data even if you've started using them.
    If it is a automatic upgrade that is weird but now it seems as the upgrade will be used.
  • Jonathan T. #14361
    Jonathan T. #14361 Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Thanks for the replies guys.
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