Please help?

Hub is not working on my side?
Any advise?


  • Mike
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    @Vincent, your first and second image, please remove also the cookies
    Do you have a proxy?
  • Mike
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    I checked again the images, and I cannot understand, sorry
    You can reply therefore you are connected
    Moreover, we are on the English community
    I am lost
    At the begging I thought that the problem was the post under investigation, but now I do not know
  • Alejandra D.
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    I am a bit confused too.
  • Vincent B. 13921
    Vincent B. 13921 Posts: 60 ✭✭
    The big issue of the problem is just that when I try to connect using login, in the community, it is sending me back to then I connect, then go to "help", then community Hub, this redirect me here, but I am still not connected. I have to repeat that process 3 to 4 time or change the langage and then connect. Sometimes it is working, other times it is not. It doesn't seem to be a problem on my phone although.
  • Hao7
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    Did you try to change display name on community Hub? It happened to me: I changed the display name, then I can not login the community Hub - always went back to the Fizz homepage. Change it back. It will resolve your problem.
  • Chris K. #7521
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    Try this:


    1. Go to the "Profile" section of your Fizz account:
    2. After you sign in successfully, go to the community page:
    3. If you are not logged in already, just press the Login button on top and you should automatically logged in


    At least this is how it works for me. Good luck

  • Alexandre B. 39855
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    I have the same problem. The login on the community page redirect me to and other times it works. It is probably a problem with fizz website. For me, clearing the cache does the trick. I can log in, but need to try multiple times. We should ask for a fix!
  • Thanh S.
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    Please close this thread.
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