Transfer my current number to fizz?

I am trying to transfer my current number to fizz and it is not working. it keeps on telling me that it cannot find my number. My phone number is still activated, so i do not understand why does it not work.... I really want to keep my current number.


  • If all of the answers given don’t work, communicate with them by messenger, that’s what works best for me. Good luck with this issue.
  • If you have a landline, I believe the trick is to first switch to another provider (such as Videotron) for a month, and then port over to Fizz. If it is a cell, which provider are you currently with? Also, is your area code from within Quebec?
  • Make sure you don't depend on this number for anything critical, I ported my line in 2 days ago, received confirmation email that my service was active still not working
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