Can I switch to fizz if I have DSL internet right now

Oleg S. #15841
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It says the technician will have to check cable connection, not sure what does this means?
Should I have a cable Internet connection? Since right now I have a regular dsl Modem/Internet


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    I do not think it will be a problem! To be certain suggest double checking with Fizz.
  • Julien N. #3633
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    It means that the technician will check if you already have a cable connection wired to your home (Videotron in the case of fizz). If your home is already wired, the you install the modem, if not, he will have to wire your house for an extra charge.
  • Tee
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    Yes, that is exactly what I did. I kept both my DSL and new Fizz internet active for a few days since I needed to be able to work from home and couldn't afford any days without internet.
    The Videotron technician will arrive with the cable modem and ask you if you already subscribe to cable TV. If yes, he/she runs a line test. If not a Videotron TV customer but already have the coaxial cable, he/she also proceeds to line test. If no coax cable coming into your home, they will run a new one for you. All that is included in the free installation.
  • Chris K. #7521
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    Hi Oleg,


    Yes of course you can switch to Fizz. Most (if not all) properties will have the copper wiring (used by telephone companies) which you are currently using for DSL, and coaxial wiring (used by cable companies) which Fizz uses.


    If your address is found when trying to sign up, then you are elligble for the service. The technician will make sure you are connected when they pass by on your installation date.


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  • Jimmy N. #14505
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    If cable goes through your house yes.
    Try making a plab and you will be able to put the address and the website will tell you right away if you're eligible.
  • MichelP
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    Do you have Videotron câble in your building?
    If Yes, you'll be able to subscribe to Fizz internet.
    After your subscription to this service you have to plan a date of an installation with the technician who will bring you the modem and check your signal.
    Connecting the modem is very easy. Just follow the instructions from Fizz.
    Enjoy Fizz internet!
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