Will a number from nova scotia work to joint fizz un Qc?

I have a Friend Who is looking to changé for fizz, but hé would like to transféré His number and His number is from nova scotia (902 régional). Would it work with fizz if hé is living in QC?


  • No, it won’t...he will need to change it.
  • Absolutely not. Please use their website to know the coverage area.
  • MichelP
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    He will be obliged to live in the zone of Fizz network (Green zone) and change his telephone number for the area where he will live (For example, he move to Québec city, his coverage area will be (418)..
  • Unfortunately, but it will not work.
  • sman
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    Transfer the number to a VoIP provider and forward the calls to your QC number
  • Berts
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    No,absolutely not
  • Fizzy
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    He is eligible to join Fizz mobile but he cannot use his number from Nova Scotia.

    He must use a local number. If he does not already have one, Fizz will assign one.

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